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Babar Ahmad - Europe puts stay on extradition

PRESS RELEASE from the Free Babar Ahmad Campaign
Friday 15th June 2007

The President of the Grand Chamber in the European Court, has now replied back and requested that a hold be placed on the extradition, to allow them to give the case 'proper consideration'.

Following the Lords refusal for leave to appeal, Babar Ahmad's solicitors, from Birnberg Peirce and Partners, made representations on 11 June 2007 to the European Court of Human Rights. The European Court subsequently, not only requested a hold to be placed on the extradition, but also warned the British government against removing Babar and hance breaching various articles of the Human Rights Act.

It is still unclear as to how long this stay will be. If the European Court of Human Rights refuses to intervene, then no other appeal stage remains and Babar would be extradited to the US imminently.

Babar Ahmad's family stated: "This intervention by the European Court in asking for a stay is a sign of hope for us. We are still unsure how long this will actually be and will have to wait and see what their response is. We continue to have hope and pray for Babar's swift return."


What you can do - advice from SACC

It's still in the power of Home Secretary John Reid to stop the extradition, whatever the European Court of Human Rights decides. If there is a case against Babar Ahmad, charges should be brought in this country. If not, he should be allowed to resume his life. Either way, the extradition must be stopped.

Tooting MP Sadiq Khan earlier this week submitted a last minute plea to the Home Secretary on behalf of Babar Ahmad. Mr said: "I am very disappointed that Babar has lost the latest round of his challenge. In addition to asking the Home Secretary to reconsider the extradition, I have asked for assurances and safeguards about his treatment in the US should he be extradited." - see report in the Wimbledon Guardian

Please Act Now

  • Please contact John Reid and tell him you support Sadiq Khan's plea
  • Please ask your MP to press John Reid to reconsider Babar's extradition - visit

The Law and the Media - Where are they when you need them?

We are still puzzled and frightened by the Law Lords refusal to consider this landmark case. If the Law Lords won't look at cases like this, we're in a country that has no court of last resort for people persecuted by our government or by the US government. No one will be safe.

We're just as disturbed by the total failure of the national British media to give any coverage at all this issue - probably one of the most important legal issues ever to face our country.