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Babar Ahmad complaints whitewashed

Statement from the Free Babar Ahmad Campaign, 9 February 2007

The family of Babar Ahmad are disappointed, but not surprised, by the latest IPCC report which concluded that a series of complaints by Babar Ahmad were "unsubstantiated". They have described the report as a "whitewash" and have stated in its response:

"The IPCC has consistently failed to bring the police to account. We have seen this time and time again, as in the cases of Jean Charles de Menezes and the Forest Gate Shootings."

Babar Ahmad's second set of complaints to the IPCC regarding his arrest in December 2003 included the following:

That the police officers changed their version of events when asked to explain Mr Ahmad's injuries.

  • That a copy of the Quran was desecrated when his work premises were searched
  • The Police officers were incorrectly briefed as to how "dangerous" Babar Ahmad was prior to arresting him

The IPCC spent time and resources into a second report which concluded all three complaints were unsubstantiated. However, this second complaint investigation was never going to address the failure of the first complaint investigation to achieve disciplinary outcomes against the officers responsible for assaulting Babar Ahmad and causing life threatening injuries in December 2003.

"There was a total failure to investigate the allegation that officers gave a false account to the disciplinary hearing as to how Babar Ahmad's injuries were caused. Unique among the matters to which the IPCC devoted its independent investigative resources, this was the issue that was capable of being resolved by careful investigation and evidence. However, it was not investigated at all." said Ms Fiona Murphy, Babar Ahmad's solicitor.

This second report has in fact raised more questions than answers. However, this is not the end of the matter and the family will continue to seek redress through other legal means until justice is served.

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