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Three more arrests in Stirling area

Three men have been arrested under anti-terrorism law following an operation in Clackmannanshire. The three are relatives of Atif Siddique, 20, was arrested in Alva on 13 April.

Aif Siddique's older brother, Asif Siddique, 24, and his uncle Mohammed Rafiq, 40, were detained at an address in Alva at about 0900 BST on Monday.

A third man, 46-year-old Mohammed Niaz, 46 from Bridge of Allan, near Stirling, was detained later in the afternoon, Central Scotland Police confirmed.

The family solicitor Aamer Anwar said>

"I strongly condemn police tactics which are a sign of increased desperation to widen the net.

"This is a respectable family, who since the arrest of their son, have fully co-operated with the police in their inquiries, yet find themselves being terrorised in this manner.

"The Siddique family are deeply distressed and anxious that both Asif and Mohammed Rafiq who have committed no crime are released immediately."

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