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Free Omar Walk

Free Omar Walk: Brighton To London Saturday 16 December To Tuesday 19 December

Glenn Williams and Sally Griffiths, Brighton anti-war and human rights activists, will be walking from Brighton to London to demand that Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett allows Omar Deghayes, in his fourth year of detention without trial at Guantanamo Bay, home to Brighton. The United States authorities have agreed, albeit conditinally, to release him but the British government have refused to allow him home. Over the last few months Brighton people have written hundreds of letters and sent a thousand postcards to Ms Beckett and received only one reply, a letter to Brighton and Hove City Councillor Francis Tonks refusing a meeting between Omar's family, his supporters and representatives of the Foriegn Office. We cannot just accept these undemocratic dismissals and must now make our demands to bring an immediate end to the torture of Omar Deghayes are heard by as many people as possible so they cannot be just shelved and filed by civil servants.

The walk will begin on Saturday 16th December from Brighton Pier to arrive at the Foreign Office on Tuesday 21st December.

We are planning to give Glenn and Sally, and all the walkers that will be joining them for part or all of the route, a good send off by walking the first two miles with them. Supporters of the Save Omar campaign will gather at Brighton Pier at 8.30am Saturday 16th December and walk north towards the Level and thenalong the Ditchling Road. Please join us then and again in London on Tuesday 19th December when we greet all the walkers at Brixton tube to walk the last three and half miles with them to Westminster Bridge or all the way to the Foreign Office.

The Foreign Office, the very final destination of the 60 mile trek to get a reply to all our letters, lies within the quarter mile radius around Parliament Square covered by SCOPA, and is a "no protest without prior police permission zone," but the Brighton walkers are adamant that they should not have to make any request just to complete a journey undertaken to uphold the most basic human and democratic rights. The Brighton walkers are NOT seeking police permission and for those that walk with them from Westminster Bridge to King Charles Street, where the Foreign Office is located, there is a small risk of arrest. It is important to point out that very few people have actually been arrested under SCOPA, a law that has brought nothing but embarrassment to the Blair administration.