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Ex-detainees may leave Britain

Ex-detainees prepare to face torture in Algeria

Six of the number of the former detainees being held while the government attempts to arrange their deportation are negotiating a return to Algeria because they can no longer withstand the mental torture imposed by the government.

The Algerians, described by the authorities as a threat to national security, claim they would rather risk torture in their homeland than endure their UK treatment. One man, a former detainee at the top-security prison Belmarsh, said that despite being released he cannot cope with bail rules requiring him to stay indoors 22 hours a day. The father of five was imprisoned without charge for three and a half years.

Here we are not tortured physically but mentally we are tortured. I don't feel human,' said the 39-year-old who can only be identified as 'A'. '
Terror suspects volunteer to leave Britain - The Observer, 19 March 2006

Ex-detainees to remain under house arrest - report on SIAC ruling, 14 March 2006