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Dundee terror allegations inaccurate

Letter to the Courier, 21 September 2006

Sir,—Your account of September 19 on the surveillance of Dundee University freshers fair by a Tayside Police anti-terrorist unit ends by saying that a "London expert" has identified the university as one of around 50 institutions being used as a recruiting ground for Islamic terrorists.

Anthony Glees, author of the publication When Students Turn To Terror to which this refers, is an expert primarily in innuendo, insinuation, factual inaccuracy and misleading documentation.

His academic work on this and related issues has been dismissed by a wide range of scholars and senior university administrators throughout Britain.

It would be wrong to leave the impression that it in any way provides justification for describing Dundee University in the terms used.

William R. Roff, Professor Emeritus of History, Columbia University, New York Hon. Fellow in Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, University of Edinburgh.