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Blackburn - mosque says No to Condoleezza

The Committee at Masjid Al Hidayah Mosque on Millham Street, Blackburn, in conjunction with Muslim Scholars from Blackburn and Preston, have withdrawn their invitation to Condoleezza Rice to visit their mosque as part of her forthcoming tour of the region on Saturday 1 April. This decision is evidence that the bulk of the community are strongly against the visit. Blackburn and Darwen Stop the War salute the committee of the mosque. We are also aware that the parents of children who attend Pleckgate High School have been meeting with the school authorities during this week to try and convince them to follow Millham Street Mosque's lead and withdraw the invitation to Condoleezza Rice, due to visit there on Friday morning.

Source: Stop The War Coalition

The Last Strawby Yvonne Ridley

written before the latest announcement from Masjid Al Hidayah

I found it almost impossible to forgive those craven little individuals who held Jack Straw aloft after he was swept back into power at the last General Election on a tidal wave of Muslim blood. I tell you I have never felt so deeply ashamed of my Muslim family as I feel today...

The utterly shameless Jack Straw plans to take Rice to a mosque in Blackburn on Saturday , no doubt for a nauseating photo opportunity aimed at countering the widespread revulsion and outrage expressed throughout the Islamic world over the war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, which Rice has been so instrumental in perpetrating...