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500 take part in anti-dawn raid rally in Glasgow

Statement from Positive Action in Housing Saturday, 7 October 2006

At a rally in Glasgow, around 500 protesters turned up to voice their concerns over the forced removal of asylum seekers.

The protest against the controversial dawn raids came after it emerged that first minister Jack McConnell has spoken to home secretary John Reid voicing his own concerns about their effectiveness.

Robina Qureshi from Positive Action in Housing organisation said:

"What about the neighbour that has to wake up at five o'clock in the morning and hear that their neighbour's door is being booted in by metal battering rams and children being dragged out screaming? What about the Scottish school teacher that's in a Drumchapel school who doesn't know whether the kids didn't turn up at school that morning because either they were off with flu or because they disappeared because the Home Office dawn raid van's came out and dragged their children screaming and kicking? It upsets everyone, there's nothing reserved about the pain that's being felt because of these dawn raids and that's why the pressure is growing to stop the dawn raids, and to boot that tactic out of Scotland. It's unacceptable."