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Serious Assault in Dennistoun

In Dennistoun, Glasgow on the evening of Sunday 7 August four Muslim brothers were seriously assaulted. The assault is being treated as attempted murder since one of the brothers suffered several slash and stab wounds so severe he was in intensive care in hospital. Fortunately he and his brothers have all now been discharged from hospital.

This was a horrific unprovoked attack. Religious and race hate abuse was used against the men during the attack. The abusive language consisted mainly of "You Paki Muslim terrorists".

3 men have been arrested and charged. Details of the incident are therefore sub judice. But reports make it clear that many more 3 attackers were involved. Concerns have been expressed that police have not so far made more arrests. SACC shares these concerns.

The family are traumatised and extremely frightened. If you wish to assist them, any one of the following actions would help them enormously.

  1. Send a message of support to the victims to show you are concerned for theirpredicament. Please send messages via the SACC contact page or write to SACC, c/o Peace and Justice Centre, Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 4BJ. We'll pass them on.
  2. Email/ telephone local Councillors/ MPs to highlight this case
  3. Contribute to the fund for the installation of a CCTV surveillance system to provide security for the family - Please make cheques payable to "Positive Action in Housing", marked Dennistoun CCTV fund in the corner, and send them to
    Positive Action in Housing, 98 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1PJ