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Scottish anti-war demo given police go-ahead

Press Release from Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition

2 November 2005

On Saturday, October 30, a delegation representing Edinburgh Stop The War Coalition (ESTW) met with representatives of Lothian and Borders Police to discuss an antiwar march and demonstration taking place in Edinburgh on Saturday, November 12. The police have agreed that the protesters will assemble at Parliament Square, march down the Canongate, passing the Scottish Parliament, up Abbeyhill, along Regent's Road, passing the US Consulate, then down Waterloo Place and along Princes Street to the Mound Precinct for a closing rally. Speakers will be announced shortly.

Contrary to statements and pronouncements to the contrary by Tony Blair and members of his government, the situation in Iraq worsens daily. Last week the 2000th US soldier was killed, while British troops in the South are subjected to daily attacks and are largely confined to barracks as a result.

It is clear that the occupation is deeply unpopular amongst the vast majority of the Iraqi people, who demand the right to determine their own future without the outside interference of an occupying power. This war and occupation is about one thing and one thing only - oil. The stated reasons - first WMDs, followed by regime change - were merely pretext. Saddam Hussein is the latest in a long line of dictators in the Middle East and around the world supported, funded and armed by the West and subsequently brought down after outliving his usefulness.

After more than a decade of war and sanctions the Iraqi people have suffered enough.

End the occupation! Bring the troops home now!

John Wight, Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition