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Racist attack in Leith

Police in Edinburgh have been investigating an unprovoked racial attack on two Asian boys. The 16-year-old and his 11-year-old friend were assaulted by a white man on Tuesday 12 July.

They were walking down Leith Walk near Lorne Street when the attacker punched the older boy to the ground, causing him to knock his head on the pavement. The man is believed to have hurled racial abuse at the youngsters before making off towards Leith.

There was further evidence that Edinburgh's Muslim community is being victimised at a mosque and a community centre. The buildings have been defaced with messages including "Islam Scum" and "This centre sympathises with terrorists".

The graffiti attacks happened at the Sha Jalal Mosque in Annandale Street Lane, and the Pakistan Community and Cultural Centre in Annandale Street at the weekend.

Superintendent George Simpson, of Lothian and Borders Police, said:"These incidents are appalling and there is no space for this behaviour in the democratic society we live in."

There have been a number of other racist attacks around Britain since the London bombings. A man has died in Nottingham as a result of such an attack. The suspected attacker is facing manslaughter charges

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