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Peace Vigils held around the UK

Yesterday’s vigils in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London were very successful in showing solidarity with the victims of the London bombings.

Speakers also expressed support for the Muslim community who have been under attack since the atrocity. The bombings were not the fault of Muslims, but rather blame lay at the door of the Prime Minister and British foreign policy for many years.

Osama Saeed of MAB said: 'Muslims have been doubly and triply under the cosh since the bombings. We felt the bewilderment of how such a thing could happen, then we were attacked on the streets verbally and physically with one person even losing their life.'

'Then we had the finger of blame pointed, with the Prime Minister telling us to root out the problem and finish it. We will continue to do anything we can to stop any future atrocities. We are not in denial of our responsibilities – but Mr Blair is when he says Iraq has nothing to do with it.'