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motion tabled against torture flights

Carolyn Leckie MSP (SSP) has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament against torture flights :

S2M-03709 Carolyn Leckie (Central Scotland) (SSP): Stop the Torture Flights

That the Parliament expresses extreme concern following the publication of autopsy reports, obtained under freedom of information legislation, of detainees held overseas who have died in the custody of the US Government. which show that, of 44 autopsies of detainees, 21 of the deaths were homicides, 8 of which appear to have resulted from abusive techniques used on detainees, information which can be obtained at [obsolete link, instead see Torture FOIA - Documents relaesd by ACLU]; believes that the admission of Condoleeza Rice about the practice of 'rendition' and the latest information that Glasgow and Prestwick airports are the most often used airports for refuelling these alleged 'torture flights' means that Scottish airspace and land has been used to facilitate the practice of torture and human rights abuses; believes that, given the widespread awareness of this information, the Westminster Government, Scottish Executive and Scottish police forces cannot claim to have no knowledge of this practice and have an unequivocal responsibility to bring into custody anyone who lands these planes in Scotland or who assists these flights in full knowledge of their purpose; notes that the former Law Lord and judge, Lord Steyn, has said that UK ministers may be guilty of war crimes if they are aware of the flights; believes that the Scottish Executive should issue a statement about its intentions in relation to its criminal justice and human rights responsibilities and indicate what it is doing to stop Scottish airspace and Scottish facilities being used for the purposes of facilitating torture and human rights abuses, and further believes that any workers at Scottish airports who refuse to co-operate with these flights and any citizens who take action to prevent these flights, or to bring perpetrators to justice, are upholding international law and should be commended for doing so.