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Evening Standard tries to demonise Mudassar Arani

PRESS STATEMENT from Arani & Co. Solicitors

Issue Date: Friday 12th Aug 2005

Re: Evening Standard Article dated 11/08/05

Arani & Co. is deeply concerned at the above article. The Evening Standard has failed miserably in its responsibility to research thoroughly and report fairly.

The figures quoted by the Legal Services Commission are a gross payment for all stages of the cases including payments made to us for discharging Counsels fees, interpreters cost, expert reports and medical reports which may be obtained on such cases.

It does not take into account the firm’s running cost, liabilities, overhead, accountant’s cost, solicitors costs, caseworkers, support staff and overheads etc. Further the gross payment represents work undertaken for a large number of different clients from different ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and not for one sector of the community i.e. the Muslim Community.

The article is intended to deliberately mislead, Islamophobic and racist vilification of Miss Arani. Comments on the right to silence attributed to Miss Arani at a lecture in 2003 have been taken out of context.

We refer you to Criminal Law Solicitors Association link on the Right to silence

Criminal Law Solicitors Association
Who advice as follows:-

“You should not say anything to the police officers whatsoever; not sign the police officer's notebook; request that you be provided with free and independent legal advice.”

Why is such crusade not taking place against the Criminal Law Solicitors Association for providing the same advice.

It is Miss Arani’s job as a solicitor to represent her clients to the best of her ability and she will continue to do that – no matter what crimes they are accused of.

The reporting of right wing papers, its agenda led and suggests that they wish to silence and intimidate Miss Arani and Arani & Co. solicitors from taking on further cases.

Miss Arani is one of several solicitors from various firms that have taken on terrorist case work. Yet it is worth noting that none of the other solicitors have been targeted in this manner.

Miss Arani and Arani & Co. however work in various fields and the majority of their legal services income comes from work other than terrorist cases including divorce cases, domestic violence and child care proceedings.

The British legal system, of which Miss Arani is an uncontroversial and long-standing member, was once renowned for due process. We will continue in the services that we provide, notwithstanding this vitriolic campaign against Miss Arani , to properly and fearlessly represent anybody in trouble who requires our legal services, whether or not these individuals are unpopular in the public domain.

After the Evening Standard article we have received death threats, abusive calls and even threats to bomb our offices. If either Miss Arani or any members of her staff suffer as a result of the hate campaign advanced by the media we shall be holding the Editors responsible for inciting the public to carry out attacks against Miss Arani or members of her staff and request that they be prosecuted.