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Blair defeated on Terror plans

MPs voted against by 322 votes to 291 against the section of the Terrorism Bill that would have allowed police to hold "terrorism suspects" for up to 90 days before bringing a charge.

The defeat came even though Blair had given his strong support the 90-day clause. The government had done everything possible to bully wavering labour backbenchers. Many backbenchers had even been contacted by senior police officers pressing them to support the internment plans.

MPs later backed a proposal to extend the current 14-day detention time limit to 28 days. The Bill will now go to the House of Lords. If the Lords introduce amendments, it will have to be debated again in the Commons.

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  • Only three Scottish labour MPs opposed 90-day detention. They are Mark Lazarowicz (Edinburgh North and Leith), Katy Clark (Ayrshire North and Arran), and David Hamilton (Midlothian).
  • Our petition against the Terrorism Bill will remain open until the Bill has completed its passage through both Houses of Parliament.