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Bias on BBC2 documentary

Statement From the Free Babar Ahmad Campaign Regarding BBC2 documentary "The New Al-Qaeeda:" broadcast on Monday 25th July 2005, 9pm.

It is apparent to anyone who had the misfortune of viewing Peter Taylor's BBC2 documentary, "The New Al-Qaeda;"(broadcast on Monday 25th July 2005, 9pm) that the programme had only one agenda, and was extremely biased. It exploited the minds of an already vulnerable British public in the aftermath of the tragic 7/7 bombings. The whole aim of the programme was to put ahead one view and one opinion in order to prejudice the public with regards to Babar Ahmad.

If Babar has such strong links with Al-Qaeeda and terrorism, as it has been alleged in the programme, it beggars belief as to why he was not prosecuted in this country. He was arrested, fully investigated, then released without charge in December 2003. The fact remains that there was not any evidence for the British Anti-Terrorist police to charge him, let alone for the case to be tried in court. Is Peter Taylor seriously expecting the public to swallow the fact that the Anti- Terrorist branch, the elite of the police force, do not even have the intelligence to ascertain whether he should have been charged for Terrorism Provision?

It is obvious to anyone who appreciates the facts, that in Court evidence would have to be produced for a person to stand trial. These types of drama which have been broadcast on television, are not sufficient evidence for a person to be convicted in Court. In Court it is not the emotive hysteria, that the media have the power to create in order to create a smoke screen, that works. It is the core evidence of the case that is central to any conviction. This programme centred around allegations that are yet to be proven in a court of law and are yet to challenged.

The Media is able to abuse their powers as they seem fit in order to create fear in the current climate. They are acting as puppets to push forward political agendas in advance of the new legislations which the Government wish to bring into force.

We are seeking legal advice with regards to this programme and hope to release a detailed rebuttal in due course. We would like to encourage our supporters to write to the BBC

Follow the steps to make an Official Complaint stating the unfair bias this programme has shown against a man who has not been found guilty of any crime in or outside Britain, thus encouraging the notion of "guilty until proven innocent";. No doubt, inflammatory programmes such as this incite islamophobia and endanger existing peaceful community relations.

Free Babar Ahmad
Monday 25th July 2005

Babar Ahmad's wife spoke at meetings in Edinburgh and Glasgow in February this year and gathered many signatures for a petition in support of Babar. She also spoke at a plenary session of the G8 Alternative Summit at Edinburgh's Queen's Hall on 3rd July, where she was given a standing ovation. SACC supports Babar Ahmad and his family in their struggle for justice.

SACC Press Release - Mrs Ahmad speaks at G8 Alternative Summit