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Demonstration for Palestine (National Demo)

Sat 2 Dec 2023 1:00pm
Regent Road

Ceasefire Now!
Stop The Genocide
Freedom for Palestine

This Saturday we march to demand an end to the siege of Gaza, an immediate and permanent ceasefire and that this genocide is stopped (not paused).

A ceasefire is of the utmost urgency at this point, but we cannot stop there. A ceasefire without further action, will allow the Zionist state to continue its ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism in Palestine.

The importance of a comprehensive BDS campaign in Scotland has never been greater, a campaign which includes an arms embargo, an end to public funding for complicity companies and economic and political sanctions on Israel.

Meet where Regent Road meets Regent Terrace near the U.S Consulate. March to the Scottish Parliament.

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Demonstration called by Gaza Genocide Emergency Committee