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Islamophobia Conference 2022

Fri 9 Dec 2022 6:45pm to Sun 11 Dec 2022 3:35pm
Online via YouTube and Facebook


Islamophobia Conference 2022
Islamophobia Conference 2022

Is the Sun Setting on the Western Empire? Exploring Shifts in Global Power and Islamophobic Thinking

The treatment of Muslims by several western countries has not only exposed the hypocrisy of societies that purportedly champion universal values but may even signal the decline of the political West. Its defining values such as liberal democracy, freedom of expression, adherence to the rule of law and social tolerance all appear to be unravelling to be replaced by an intensified hypernationalism that further targets minoritised groups.

This conference aims to explore the impact the decline of Western hegemony may have on the Islamicate, particularly as it pertains to expressions and deployments of Islamophobia. It will assess the conditions of and consequences for the Islamicate residing in the periphery, as well as Muslims living in majority countries. It will further review the impact of culture and geopolitical transformation on creating, expanding or contracting Muslim spaces and representations in society as well as evaluate mechanisms within the Islamicate to engage with the current and impending transitions that will affect it.

Confirmed speakers: Mohideen Abdul Kader, Imam Muhammed Al-Asi, Ian Almond, Malia Bouattia, Tasneem Chopra, Laurens Derooij, Eman El-Bahnassawy, Olsi Jazexi, Ramón Grosfoguel, Sandew Hira, Denijal Jegic, João Silva Jordão, Cyrus McGoldrick, Peter Oborne, Mohammed Nihad PV, Setareh Sadeqi, Hakimeh Saghaye-Biria, Ahmet Faruk Ünsal, Bilal Ware and Afroze Fatima Zaidi.

Chairpeople: Richard Haley, Saeed A. Khan, Seyfeddin Kara

This year’s conference will bring together experts in the field over the course of three days for online discussions:

Friday 9 December

Plenary 1 (18.45 – 20.45 GMT)

Competition and Challenges to Western Dominance: Reactions and Consequences

Chair: Saeed Khan

Speaker: Ramon Grosfoguel

Saturday 10 December

Session 1 (11.30 – 13.35 GMT)Muslims at the Periphery of the West: What Will the Shifts Bode for Them?

Chair: Seyfeddin Kara


  • Olsi Jazexhi
  • João Silva Jordão
  • Mohammed Marandi
  • Yasser Louati
Session 2 (13.45 – 15.35 GMT)Perceptions and Representation of Muslims within the Hegemon

Chair: Saeed Khan


  • Laurens de Rooij
  • Ian Almond
  • Denijal Jegic
  • Setareh Sadeqi
  • Malia Bouattia
Plenary 2 (19.00 – 20.45 GMT)

Islam and the Concept of a New World Civilization

Chair: Richard Haley

Speaker: Sandew Hira

Sunday 11 December

Session 3 (11.30 – 13.35 GMT)Ending Tribalism and Hypernationalism within the Ummah

Chair: Saeed Khan


  • Cyrus McGoldrick
  • Hakimeh Saghaye-Biria
  • Afroze Fatima Zaidi
  • Peter Oborne
  • Eman El-Bahnassawy
  • Tasneem Chopra
Session 4 (13.45 – 15.35 GMT)Creating / Recapturing Islamic Ontologies for Understanding the Situation and Transformation

Chair: Seyfeddin Kara


  • Imam Muhammad Al-Asi
  • Bilal Ware
  • Mohideen Abdul Kader
  • Mohammad Nihad
  • Ahmet Faruk Ünsal

How to Participate in the Conference

You can watch and participate in the conference live via YouTube or Facebook. Comments/questions will be passed to the speakers.


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Since 2014, IHRC has organised an annual conference in the UK to discuss key issues with regard to structural and institutionalised Islamophobia. Each conference has been co-organised with Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC).