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How to Make a Genocide and How to Resist It

Cover of The Long View, Vol 6 Issue 1

The latest issue of the quarterly magazine "The Long View" is dedicated to "Palestine and the Shifting Paradigms of Peace."

"In our lead essay, Richard Haley looks not at why there is so much tacit and explicit support for a genocidal project in the west, but how this is able to operate. He contends that three issues have been key to opening the door for this next stage of annihilation being unleashed since October 2023 on the Palestinians. There are three pillars to the procedural and discursive framework that has made this genocide possible: the imputation of anti-semitism to critics of Israel, the invention of an Israeli right to self-defence that goes beyond its rights under the UN Charter, and the criminalisation of armed Palestinian resistance. Haley takes no prisoners in detailing how international law and institutions have been disregarded and undermined, and solidarity movements cowed and or socialised. His conclusion is clear: the language of the oppressors cannot be used to liberate the oppressed." - The Long View Editorial

Note: The article refers to the arrest of Mick Napier for his alleged support for Hamas when speaking at a protest in Glasgow on 16 December 2023. Glasgow Sheriff Court heard on 26 January 2024 that the charge had been dropped.

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