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Operation Arbacia - One Year On

Issam Hijjawi

Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of the PSNI/MI5/Garda operation (which also had a little help from Police Scotland) dubbed "Operation Arbacia". Over the following few days it resulted in the arrest of our friend Dr Issam Hijjawi Bassalat and nine members of the Saoradh party on charges related to their entrapment by a British informer and MI5 spy, Dennis McFadden.

Issam is a Scottish Palestinian activist. There is no real case against him. Saoradh describes the arrest of its members as an attack on the party. It's likely to be years before Issam and the Saoradh Nine come to trial. Their continued pre-trial detention amounts to internment by remand. It should be a cause of international outrage.

#FreeIssamHijjawi #FreeTheSaoradh9

Saoradh has issued the following statement to mark the anniversary: The Saoradh Nine - One Year Later