Prevent: Racist and Islamophobic

Nahella Ahraf speaking in Edinburgh, 30 April 2016

A public meeting headlined "Prevent: Racist and Islamophobic" was held at the Augustine United Church, Edinburgh on Saturday 30th April. The meeting was hosted by the Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh (MWAE) and supported by SACC, Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition, Unite Against Fascism Edinburgh and the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

The meeting was called in response to the growing impact of Prevent in Scotland.

The 'Prevent' duty aims to identify those individuals likely to cause a threat to the state but it in fact spies on us all and attempts to eliminate dissent of any kind. As it overwhelmingly targets and criminalises the Muslim community we discuss how toxic it will be as it spreads through our public sector, colleges and schools; creating mistrust between employers & employees, educators & students.

Zareen Taj

Zareen Taj represents the Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh

Pete Cannell

Pete Cannell is secretary of Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition

Nahella Ashraf

Nahella Ashraf spoke on behalf of Stand Up to Racism. She is also Chair of Manchester Stop the War Coalition

Richard Haley

Richard Haley is Chair of SACC

"Just say no to Prevent. Don’t take any excuses. Don’t let anyone tell you they have to implement Prevent unless they can show you a court order telling them to do it."

Text of Richard's talk

Iain Lawson

Iain Lawson is a student at Heriot Watt University

Penny Gower

Penny Gower is a college lecturer, a member of the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) and a Stand Up to Racism activist

Summing up

Richard, Zairean, Pete and Nahella sum up


Habiba Islam introducing the meeting
Photo by Cait Ni Cadlaig. All rights reserved


Pete Cannell speaking
Photo: Cait ni Cadlaig. All rights reserved.


Nahella Ashraf speaking
Photo: Cait ni Cadlaig. all rights reserved