Action Plan to Stop Prevent in Scotland

SACC banned

Following the fantastic Challenging Prevent conference in London on 4 June, SACC has agreed its action plan to stop Prevent in Scotland.

  • Work with other organisations, trade unions etc to oppose Prevent, regardless of tactical differences.
  • No Prevent training (either face to face or online) - work to build rank-and-file support for refusing Prevent training.
  • Zero tolerance for PPC referrals - support people facing referral or steps that could lead to referral.
  • Encourage reporting to SACC of experiences with Prevent, linked to support where wanted.
  • Provide counter-Prevent workshops, taking a critical look at Prevent training - aimed at people who might be asked to undergo Prevent training, people who have already received Prevent training, people who might be targeted by Prevent.
  • As a priority, build over the summer for increased resistance to Prevent in schools, universities, colleges in the next academic year.
  • Generate material that can be used (i) to raise awareness of Prevent and our strategy to counter it; and (ii) as a mobilising/organising tool.