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Support our conference - sample motion for trade unions and groups

Islamophobia Conference, Edinburgh 12 Dec 2015

If you are a member of a trade union, a community or campaigning group or a political party, please ask them to support our Islamophobia Conference, to be held in Edinburgh on Saturday 12 December.

A sample motion is provided below. Please adapt the text as necessary, to suit the wishes and outlook of the organisation.

Sample Resolution

This branch/organisation* is concerned by rise of xenophobic, racist and islamophobic attitudes in Europe, including Scotland.

This branch/organisation* believes:

  1. That there is increasing prejudice, discrimination and scapegoating of Muslims;
  2. That islamophobia is racism;
  3. That the Government's Prevent strategy, said to be aimed at stopping people turning to terrorism, is likely to contribute to the growth of islamophobia;
  4. That our branch/organisation* has an important part to play in resisting racism and islamophobia.

This branch/organisation*   resolves:

  1. To sponsor the Conference "Islamophobia - the Changing Face of Racism" organised jointly by by Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC) and the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and taking place in Edinburgh on 12 December;
  2. To donate [add amount] as a contribution to the costs of organising the Conference;
  3. To publicise the Conference and encourage our members to attend.

* Delete as appropriate


More information about the Conference "Islamophobia - the Changing Face of Racism"  can be found at

The Conference is presented by Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC) and the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

Supporting organisations include: the Muslim Council of Scotland, the Stop the War Coalition Scotland, CAGE, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) Scotland,  Unite Against Fascism (UAF) Scotland, the Muslim Women's Association of Edinburgh (MWAE) and UAF Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Conference is twinned with a Conference being held on the same day in London: