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Stop the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill was introduced to the House of Commons on 26 November 2014 and is being fast-tracked through Parliament. It gives police draconian powers to seize people's passports, gives the Government the power to bar British citizens from entering the country, and expands data-retention laws to facilitate government snooping. None of these powers are necessary; all are certain to be abused. Shockingly, it also gives Prevent officials the power to have children taken away from their parents so that they can be subjected to a "deradicalisation" programme.

MPs will debate the report stage of the Bill on 6 and 7 January 2015.

What You Can Do

Please let your MP know that you are deeply concerned about this legislation. Tell them that while you welcome any amendments to mitigate the harm threatened by the Bill, you believe the Bill as whole to be unnecessary, misconceived and dangerous and that you do not think it should become law, however amended. You can contact your MP at

More information

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Photo: Jack Lee