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Statement by Collette Bell (partner of Sheku Bayoh)

Statement by Collette Bell (partner of Sheku Bayoh), read out the press conference in Edinburgh on 15 May. Sheku Bayoh died in police custody in Kirkcaldy on 3 May 2015.

Sheik was my soul mate and my best friend.

He was kind, caring and affectionate and had so many aspirations.

He was working hard to make a better future for our family and we had so much to look forward too.

I need answers as to why he was taken from me.

I need to know why as my partner lay dying a few streets away the police were busy lying to me in my house then a police station.

I want to know the whole truth of the circumstances surrounding his death so that one day I can explain to my son Isaac Bayoh, why he has had to grow up without his daddy.

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