POEMS FROM PRISON: The war against justice

Sunday 27th Feb

Poetry of Syed Talha Ahsan, co defendant of Babar Ahmad:
unconvicted yet having served 3 years in British high security prison andfacing extradition to the US even though he's never been in that country.

Speakers: Scottish Lawyer Aamer Anwar, novelist A L Kennedy & Tam Dean Burn

Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge 4pm to 6pm

"This be the Answer" Prison Poems by Talha Ahsan

ISBN 978-0-9568106-0-1
available for £2 plus post and package from

"Talha Ahsan's poems are little gems. Darts of light leap from them, illuminating the poet's engagement with life, politics and spirituality." Richard Haley, Chair SACC

" Buy the book, write to Talha..." Aamer Anwar, Lawyer, Human Rights Campaigner

Take Action - Demand Justice for Tahla Ahsan

Justice for Tahla Ahsan - more information and details of what you can do to help Tahla Ahsan.