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Pakistani Blood and Life Matters

Friday 25 March - Protest - Pakistani Blood and Life Matters
1.30pm -5.00pm, Consulate of Pakistan, 45 Maxwell Drive Glasgow G41 5JF
called by Youth for Justice in Pakistan
Poster - Pakistani Blood and Life Matters

A month ago, Raymond Davis (an American) shot two Pakistani civilians in Lahore claiming "self-defense." He argued that the two Pakistani men were robbers and were presumably going to harm him (I guess we'll never know). He was arrested by the Pakistani police. No one knew at the time who he was or why he happened to be carrying all sorts of weapons in the trunk of his car. The US government falsely claimed that he was a diplomat and demanded immunity. It was later discovered that he was a CIA Agent and numerous like him roam the streets of Pakistan with weapons. Senator Kerry even visited Pakistan demanding his release but the government was under immense pressure from the Pakistani population who threatened that if the government released him they could expect a massive uprising like that in the Middle East.

Two days ago, Davis was acquitted. He's flown back to America now. Blood money was offered in the name of Shariah Law at an amount of 200 mn rupees (1.1 million pounds). Reports have stated that the families were under immense threat from the government to accept the money or be prepared for the consequences (they're poor, illiterate people). A victim's wife committed suicide after demanding "blood for blood"- the law of Qisas (also an Islamic law).

Right after Davis left illegal drone attacks killed 40 civilians in Pakistan.

There has been no investigation; no justice has been brought to the families who have lost their loved ones and we can't expect things to alter under the pro-American government. American infiltration in Pakistan is frightening! They're certainly making it a war zone...

We will probably never know why Raymond Davis was carrying weapons in his car, what his motives were, etc. So many of our Pakistani brethren are murdered in drone attacks and other killings. Now is the time to speak for them and be their voice. Nothing will change if we sit and complain. We really need to stand up and be heard! Tell the world around you that you will not be silent in the times of injustice; that your opinion matters and that you care about the human race! The pardoning of Davis highlights a dangerous turn for our nation. It implies that the leaders do not care what we think and are too involved to attain their selfish goals. It means that justice is overrated and truth-as we know it- does not exist. It means that a Pakistani's life and blood is insignificant.

So we're planning a peaceful protest in Glasgow next week. Please spread the word and invite your friends along. Think of protest slogans and songs; we will all wear black bands to show your solidarity (will be provided). Come on people! These exciting times are back! Now is the time to raise your voice and do good for the love of mankind! Perhaps we'll be the generation that will bring about a revolution or die trying.

Meet at the Consulate at 1.30pm
Those travelling from Edinburgh, meet at Waverley station at 11.30am