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Human Rights in Turkey: One step forward, two steps back

A new report by the "Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan–Peace in Kurdistan" initiative says that Human Rights in Turkey have taken one step forward and two steps back

The report, issued on 13 October 2009, concludes:

While Turkey’s AKP government periodically manages to create optimism or even enthusiasm about accomplished or planned reforms, a closer look often reveals a more bleak reality. The "Kurdish initiative" that was later re-labelled to "democratic initiative" and even later "project of national unity" has not produced any palpable results yet. The military operations continue. The police operations against the DTP continue. Small steps in the field of cultural and linguistic rights lag far behind the expectations. Until now, the "initiative" has produced little more than a hype.

Everybody interested in the further development of human rights in Turkey, including the EuropeanUnion, should make sure Turkey's real problems are addressed first: Without a genuineand sincere peace process in which the reasonable demands of the Kurdish people are addressedin a proper manner, all reforms must remain patchwork without real substance. Until now, AKPhas not shown a real interest in solving the Kurdish issue. Half-hearted attempts may cause moreproblems than they solve.

Human Rights in Turkey: One step forward, two steps back - full report (pdf)