Dear Labour, it's not just your leader

The Labour Party is losing any confidence it ever had in Gordon Brown. But Gordon Brown's leadership isn't the main problem. It's time for some new policies

The 'war on terror' waged by the US and Britain since September 2001 is making the world ever more dangerous and ever less free. SACC's message to the Labour Party is "Don't collude in the manufacture of mayhem - dismantle the 'war on terror.'"

  • Troops Out of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Withdraw the Counter Terrorism Bill
  • Say no to 42 day detention without charge
  • Repeal the Terrorism Acts
  • Bring the British Residents still held at Guantánamo Bay, including Binyam Mohamed, home to their families and friends in the UK.
  • Press the US to abandon the Military Commission trials and close Guantánamo.
  • Say no to the expansion of NATO.
  • End the siege of Gaza: Freedom for Palestine.