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Is Barack Obama better than George W Bush?

Is Barack Obama better than George W Bush?
Yes, Obama speaks better English than Bush

British + American Democracy in Afghanistan = B52 Bombers + Killing 100 Afghans per day

The world was watching the American election and the victory of Barack Obama whilst the illegal occupiers in Afghanistan killed yet another 50 innocent Afghans in yet another wedding party and hundreds severely wounded in Kandahar last Monday. Those who were killed did not have access to television to watch the American election and never heard of Barack Obama but they were still killed by their occupying forces for no reason other then being Afghans. "We cannot win the fight against terrorism with air strikes," Mr. Karzai said in comments directed at US President-elect Barack Obama.

While seven million people face famine and starvation this winter Barack Obama and his slave Mr. Karzai who is backed by the US and NATO does not even have control of Kabul, are planning more US and NATO troops to go to Afghanistan. The Russian had 114000 troops there but were defeated and I am sure the US and its allies will meet the same fate as the resistance to the occupation has moved to a national level and it is no longer an individual struggle.

I do not know why the world is so pleased with the victory of Barack Obama. It seems as Obama has stopped and solved all the problem of the world overnight. I am also optimistic like many of you, for a good and peaceful future for my home land (Afghanistan) but it seems to me that is not going to happen as Obama already declared more troops to be sent there rather then withdrawing them from Afghanistan. More troops for Afghanistan will kill more innocent Afghans and will 100 percent destabilise Pakistan which is nuclear power.

The Taliban and Hezb-e-Islami are back and stronger and more popular than ever. NATO and the United States have no choice but to negotiate with them. That's the impression one gets from Afghan officials in Afghanistan and also from the occupier forces there. The Afghan people have lost confidence in NATO and the United States. The majority of the Afghan people does not accept the current illegal occupation of Afghanistan and also do not accept a government that is linked to the occupation. Most of the Afghan do not see any difference between the Russian occupations with the current one. The Afghan government had met in Saudi Arabia the representatives of Taliban and Gulbudeen Hekmatyar the former Prime Minister and once a very close friend of the west.

The best option for the Mr. Barack Obama in Afghanistan is to leave Afghanistan to Afghans and put his own house in order. If he is going to restore any credibility to the American reputation he should immediately announce the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Afghanistan is not in need of foreign occupation, soldiers, mercenaries, and secret services. Afghanistan needs physicians' hospitals, teachers, schools, universities and Prerequisites for a free and just Afghan society are first of all Bread, water, health, education, and housing and NOT B52, Bombers, illegal occupation and the unjust killing of thousands of innocent Afghans.

If Barack Obama can stop all this in Afghanistan I am sure all the resistance to the occupation will cease and most of the Afghans will embrace the Western concept of Democracy.

Mohammad Naveen Asif
President, Scottish Afghan Society and Exile Journalist