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Rachid Ramda

What can I say about Rachid Ramda? That he is the most sweet man –the most peaceful and gentle soul? A man that has remained stoic after being detained for ten years (on remand) in a prison like Belmarsh where, for sure, one year should be counted treble?

What I will say is that, in my eyes, he will always be a boy - a sweet and wonderful boy who has left a wonderful family in his own country and in ten years the British Government have not even accorded him the humanity of one single visit with his mother. Then, dear reader, try to imagine yourself in Rachid’s situation.

In the six years I have known him, his quality that still strikes me most is his altruistic nature - in this boy there are only qualities and no defects.

I really don't want to really say strong things but if I can take a liberty I will say - if there is a Paradise, Rachid will be there.

Tiberio La Torre, DN5170, HMP Belmarsh