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'After September 11th the gloves came off'
Cofer Black - The head of the CIA's Counter terrorist Centre.

And not just the gloves, after September 11th the fight against terrorism got dirty and dangerous and detention without trial, which in any civilised society is unacceptable, became accepted. US led global counterterrorist legislation is responsible for human rights violations in every country that has introduced new legislation since September 11th. This legislation has seen 12,117 simply disappear into anti-terrorist legislation vacuums; secret jails where access to legal help, the red cross and family have been denied.

UK: 304 arrested since 2001. Only 3 convicted. Some have been locked up for 22 hours a day.

USA: 1200 detained since 2001. At least 484 still held. US government refuses to release identity of detainees. Some have been "locked down" for 23 hours a day.

CUBA: American prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay. Washington is adamant the Geneva Convention on human rights doesn't apply. Detainees live in cages. US are currently setting up secret military trials for detainees.

ISRAEL: 900 Palestinians held without charge or trial. Israeli authorities characterise all armed Palestinian activity as terrorism and justify all Israeli military activity as part of the global "war on terror".

CHECHNYA: 1300 people have vanished since September 11th. The rate of disappearances is currently running at 60 a month. Prisoners are routinely beaten and tortured.

EGYPT: Between 100 and 'several thousand' al-Qa'ida suspects have been transferred from Afghanistan to Jordan where authorities practise brutal torture.

INDIA: At least 300 held under new Prevention of Terrorism Act. The law is used against Muslim separatists in Kashmir, but also against other Muslim activists.

IRAQ: 3087 PoWs and interned civilians still held. US forces are currently rounding up 'civilian' Iraqis suspected of paramilitary involvement and may ship them to Guantanamo Bay.

SAUDI ARABIA: Unknown number of detainees. During interrogations US officials observe through one way mirrors.

MOROCCO: Infamous for torture. 35 suspects detained since Casablanca bombs. Another 100 have been 'referred' there by US.

AFGHANISTAN: 3000 Taliban and al-Qa'ida prisoners held in Bagram airbase and Jowzjan prison. Bagram is a CIA interrogation centre where at least two detainees have died from beatings. The red cross are denied access.

Isn't it ironic that Amnesty International can now visit any prison in the whole of Afghanistan except one, Bagram - the one run by the great champion of openness and freedom, the USA.

Triona Scully (Scotland Against Criminalising Communities, July 2003

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