Scottish Counter Prevent Project

Action Date: 

05 July 2016

We are creating a handbook to help people in Scotland deal with the government's PREVENT programme. 

PREVENT is described by the government as a strategy to stop people turning to terrorism. In fact, it's a manipulative, islamophobic, anti-democratic programme that divides Muslims from the rest of the community, normalises war and suppresses attempts to hold the government responsible for its foreign policy.

PREVENT is being stepped up very sharply in Scotland, partly because the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 creates a new "duty" on public bodies across the UK to implement the strategy. Teachers, doctors, social workers and university lecturers in Sotland are being trained to watch out for people whose political views or day-to-day behaviour hints that they may be at risk of "radicalisation".

Some of the main trade unions whose members are being told to implement Prevent are opposed to the policy. But the rapid roll-out of Prevent is catching people in Scotland by surprise. Most people don't understand the policy, don't know their rights, don't understand the risks that PREVENT exposes them to, don't know how to safeguard themselves, and don't know how they can help us all to resist the policy. That's why we need the Scottish Counter-Prevent Handbook.

Here's what we are planning to do:

  • The handbook will be along similar lines to Preventing PREVENT, the 70-page handbook on countering the PREVENT agenda on campus produced by NUS Black Students. But it will cover all sectors affected by PREVENT, not just HE/FE. And it will have a particular focus on Scotland.
  • The handbook will reflect SACC's longstanding view that non-cooperation is the best way to deal with PREVENT.
  • The Scottish Counter-Prevent Project will be aimed at developing a print-ready handbook, plus online material and some leaflets based on handbook pages. We will then seek further funds so that the handbook can be distributed widely, for free.
  • The Handbook will be released under a Creative Commons non-commercial license, so that material can be distributed and re-used by anyone who wishes to do so.

Know Your Rights: Dealing with Prevent in Scotland.

Being targeted by PREVENT doesn't mean you are suspected of a crime, but it puts you at risk of further police attention and could put you at risk of prosecution.

Don't engage with PREVENT unless you feel you have to.

Don't engage with PREVENT without a friend or lawyer present.

What to do if you're targeted by Prevent

Help us get word out

If you can, please make a donation to SACC. It will help fund all our work, but our main need at the moment is to cover printing costs for our Prevent leaflets.